Certificate Management with CyberSure®  
Certificate management is an important part of your insurance program and can be a time-consuming process. USI Insurance Services offers its clients several options to help streamline the certificate management process using our award-winning, interactive website, CyberSure®.

Our most popular and widely used option is the Certificates 24/7 tool. Your insurance information is pre-programmed on the back end so users complete only a handful of fields before hitting "submit" and generating their own certificate. These certificates are available in PDF format on the website for access at any time so if a certificate holder requests a copy you are able to print, email or fax the certificate from your desktop. So whether you choose to issue your certificates yourself or would prefer your account team to issue them, you have 24/7 access to the certificates that have been issued. Cert Management Navigation Screen Shot

Another option is an online certificate request form which users complete to indicate certificate holder, coverages, and other information needed for the certificate. Upon submission the form is sent to your account team to handle. The requestor receives an online confirmation and later an email confirmation. Once the certificates are issued, they are routed, per your instructions, to the certificate holder. The requests reside in a database on CyberSure®.

You also have 24/7 access to the Evidences of Property we've issued on your behalf.

Our final option, which rounds out our certificate management offering, is third party certificate management - - a way to manage those incoming certificates you receive.

  • Third-party cert tracking tool is available on CyberSure at no cost. This tool requires the client user to upload the certificate and complete a short online form. Thirty days prior to expiration the user and the vendor are sent an email advising them the certificate is expiring and requesting a new one. The expiring certificate is attached to the email.

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