Claims Management on CyberSure®  
CyberSure offers claims tools that begin with basic claims reporting to complete analysis for control of your costs.

All customers can benefit from these basic claim services:

  • reporting claims online
  • checking the status on claims
  • requesting an update or communicating with your claims representative
  • downloading the claims information to excel

With CyberSure's complete range of tools you can uncover the drivers of your costs and take steps to control those costs with recommendations from our loss control and safety experts. For a more complete look at managing and controlling the costs of your program check in with your USI Insurance Services professional and learn more about claims analysis that can:

  • combine all claims from all lines and third parties for an aggregation of your losses with analysis
  • drill down to see details and discover causes of losses
  • mitigate those losses with in person and online training, safety policies and specific recommendation from experts in loss control

Whether your needs are simple reporting with updates or complete claims analysis, USI Insurance Services offers complete claims management.  Click here to contact us.