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Safety Training on CyberSure®  
Safety training for your employees is a necessity but can pose a challenge.  You need information that is readily available at little or not cost.  CyberSure® can help.

Safety Meeting Materials:  We offer an online collection of safety meeting materials in both English and Spanish.  These documents walk you thru an entire safety meeting - - from the "Ask the Crew these Questions" to "General Safety Discussion" points and ending with an attendee sign-off form - - we help you stay in compliance.

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Access to a Video Library:  As our clients, you have access to a video library where you can select up to 3 videos at a time to borrow.  With a wide variety of topics, we're sure you'll find many to fit your needs.  There is no fee to borrow a video, you pay shipping and handling only.

Online learning with Summit:  Summit is a cost effective way to train your employees as it reduces training time, eliminates travel expenses, and most importantly, meets compliance requirements.  The tool tracks training progress, completion and quiz scores for individual students.  Summit offers a wide selection of courses to meet your training needs.

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